Looking for an Apres Ski Holiday in Easter? Cervinia is your place!

Skis CerviniaIf you are looking for a more laid back ski holiday, Cervinia is the place to go. It is designed for the world of Apres Ski, with plenty of bars and restaurants with outside seating and sun facing terraces. Whilst this is an all season, snow sure resort. You may be taking a risk going early in the season. High winds can cause the whole resort to close, it is high and exposed, don’t be surprised if the resort closes for the whole week. For this reason I would suggest going March or April and fully embrace the Apres life.


Accommodation in Cervinia is made up mostly of hotels, with a variety of basic but comfortable and simple hotels available. Although there are many fine hotels, I would recommend Hotel Breuil , it is basic but comfortable with a surprisingly high standard of food and close proximity to the slopes. I recommend this hotel as I have stayed here, but I am confident there are many of similar hotels in Cervinia town.

skis-stuckWhere to rent skis? With a plethora of ski rental shops available, you will be overwhelmed with choice. I would recommend Nol ski. It is a skiset shop which ensures decent prices and the assurances you have dealing with a large company. This particular shop is good as the staff are friendly and it is centrally located. Most importantly for me though, is the availability of new, up-to-date equipment, which you are free to swap and change if you are unhappy. With Ski Set you rent a certain level of equipment, I would NOT rent the most expensive level as it is over priced and they never really pay attention to this system. When in the shop you will get whatever they have available.

zermattOne of Cervinia’s most appealing qualities is the availability of the link with the ski resort Zermatt, in Switzerland. This connection means that the whole ski area is actually very large and varied, Cervinia’s slopes are notoriously forgiving, where Zermatt’s are a little more challenging. To access Zermatt you will have to buy the whole area ski pass which this season (16-17) is priced at €242 per person for 6 days. However, a word of warning! The wind can be very unpredictable and could very easily cause the whole area to close, the slightest gust will cause the Zermatt link to close. Also with the cheaper, smaller, Cervinia (Valtournenche) Ski pass, you can access several other ski areas in the Aosta Valley for free, you do not get this service with the more expensive Zermatt pass. So I would recommend playing it day by day, or buying the smaller one, and if the conditions are good, paying the extra on the day to get over to Zermatt.