Heaven On Earth? Greece! – Kefalonia

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The Greek Islands are, in my opinion, the most beautiful locations in the world. Each stunningly stark and striking with their own quirks and special traits. I personally have traveled to most of the Greek islands and so therefore will go over each location in separate posts.


Like all of the Greek islands, Kefalonia is surrounded by warm, crystal blue water, and is full of life, culture and beauty. I would personally recommend staying in the Fiscardo area, which is north of the island. It is a windy two hour drive from the airport, travelling over imposing mountains, it is well worth it though when you reach the picturesque village and see the sparkling blue sea.

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Fiscardo is a bustling waterfront village, full of varied and fabulous tavernas, all on the waters edge, where you can eat amazing food and gawk over the collection of imposing super yachts in the bay. All the tavernas are great and I couldn’t really pick one out as the best, however I must recommend ‘Le Passage‘ which is a modern cocktail bar, serving up some really interesting and experimental cocktails. The hostess/owner is lovely and more than welcoming of your business and some laughs.

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Where to Stay

If your Looking for luxury accommodation in northern Kefalonia, than there is only really one place you can stay! The Emelisse Hotel is the nicest five star hotel on the island, In my opinion. It is expensive, however it offers stunning views, rooms with their own pools, indulgent service and a courier service between you and Fiscardo. However, the town is just a ten minute walk away, and very easy to find. You will be greeted at the entrance by golf buggy to escort you to reception and welcomed with fresh cucumber water, fabulous!  My only word of warning is that this hotel is a Greek 5 star, meaning the rooms are still quite bland and everything is rather rustic, but the quality prevails.

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What to do

If you have travelled to a Greek island, you would be mad to not rent a small motor boat and travel to the bays on your island. It is a great day out and a great way to get a tan! I would recommend renting a boat for two or three days, you can scamper of to empty beautiful bays where you can snorkel, sunbathe and have picnics. It is truly heaven. The boats are not outrageously expensive and are not hard to operate, and not formal training is needed. Fiscardo its self has more than three places to rent such boats from, so they won’t run out.

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Photo Taken in a Bay on my Boat Trip

If you are feeling adventurous, you can take you boat over to Ithaca, a small island next to Kefalonia. It will take ten minutes to get to the boat yard, and it is very easy to dock up, there are always people to help. Once there you can walk up the road, and warning this is a steep trek, to a fabulous restaurant called Polyphemus Restaurant. It is everything that a good Greek restaurant should be, family run, amazing food and stunning settings. The tables are set in amongst olive trees the owner herself planted, the atmosphere is serene and you can’t go to this part of the world with out visiting her!

Polyphemus Garden Restaurant
Polyphemus Garden Restaurant