The Best Clubbing in the World? Theres No Where Better than IBIZA

Ibiza Girl

Ibiza is a fabulous holiday destination and available for basically any age range and type of traveller. If you want the best clubbing in the world or a quiet family holiday, Ibiza will serve you well. When heading to Ibiza, you will be considering two places. Old town Ibiza, and San Antonio.

Old town Ibiza is for the slightly more matured traveller, they may have slightly more money to spend on a nice villa, someone who not only wants the famous night life, but also fabulous beaches and culture in the beautiful Old Town during the day.

San Antonio is for the traveller who is most likely a student, who wants to be in reach of the super clubs but also next to the local strip (West End). They will have sightly less money to spend on their accommodation, and will not be bothered about culture as most of them won’t see daylight.

All the super clubs are amazing an each cater to a different genre of music, I will only focus on a few which I feel are most worth your time and give you the best Ibiza experience:


USHUAIA: Ushuaia is an amazing open air club and famous for hosting some of the worlds most famous DJs, such as David Guetta, Avicii and Armin Van Buuren. However my TOP TIP to you is to book a room at the hotel for your stay. All the poolside rooms over look the club area so you will be able to watch the best DJs for no extra cost, also due to it being an open air venue, noise restrictions force the event to end at 12pm. They make up for this by starting them earlier at around 5pm. So if your are not feeling following the afterparty you can go to bed in Peace and Quiet.

Glow Party

Es Paradis Glow Party: You haven’t experienced Ibiza until you have attended a famous Neon paint party, they run at ‘Privlige’ but my personal opinion is to attend the ‘Glow Party’ at one of Ibiza’s most famous venues, Es Paradis. It is the perfect combination of fabulous soul/party music and a fun, friendly environment. Many big clubs can be quite intimidating but this night is perfect for the slightly anxious traveller, looking to dip their toe into the night life. It runs on a Sunday, making it comparatively quiet and very affordable. However a note of warning from me, wear clothes you don’t mind being ruined, the paint will get everywhere!

Hippy Market

Something Unique to Ibiza is the ‘Hippy Market‘ and it is something I would highly recommend you visiting. Its an amazing market in which an array of high quality hand made products are sold, from clothes to food and even musical instruments. Its very quirky and hints towards a long and proud history of travellers in Ibiza. It is the perfect day out, however it is at least an hour away from both resorts so I would suggest going after your movie night in!

APCCDT Harbour, Dalt Vila, Eivissa, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain

Lastly I would like to talk about Old Town Ibiza, it is definitely worth exploring, even if your staying in San Antonio. Its a beautiful town full of culture, you could wander down the narrow streets doing some light shopping at the market stalls, explore the old city wall and ancient castle or simply enjoy a coffee whilst overlooking the dazzling array of super yachts docked in the harbour. It is chic and sophisticated, the perfect destination if your looking for a more rounded holiday, not just clubbing 24/7. Old Town is also home to a small but thriving gay bar scene (Calle de la Virgen) which is great fun for LGBT travellers and supporters. I would suggest bar ‘Teatro’, which is probably the friendliest out of all the bars on ‘Calle de la Virgen’, a great, fun night out.

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